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Cloud Apps

A cloud-based workspace designed to allow access to powerful applications from any device.
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Work anywhere on any device and store your work in the cloud with Box. Cloud Apps removes the need to go to the computer lab or have a powerful computer to run software.

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Saving has become easier!

Box Drive has replaced Kumo as the way to access Box Files.

When launching an application, users will be prompted to authenticate with Box (

After authenticating, users will have access to files saved in Box and will not need to re-authenticate on subsequent logins.


Run heavy-duty software like AutoCAD and ArcGIS Pro with full 3D capabilities on low spec computers.


Access applications anywhere from any device through Cloud Apps.


Connect and save your files to Box.


Work on Chromebooks, Macs, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android with Cloud Apps.


Save hard drive space and software installation by using Cloud Apps with Box.


All connections are encrypted.
Unlimited Potential: A BYU Cloud Apps Story

How Cloud Apps Works

BYU Cloud Apps provides flexibility to students so they can complete their assignments in spite of hardware variability. Watch this video to learn more.

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Setting Up the Citrix Workspace App
  1. Download and Install the newest version of the Citrix Workspace App from the Workspace download page or the app store if using a mobile device. Note: Do not enable single sign-on
  2. Run application
  3. Add an Account by entering as your server address
  4. Enter your as your username and then enter its associated password
  5. You are in! Select "Apps" and then "All Apps" to view all applications. Run your desired applications
  • Cloud Apps enable faculty, students, and staff to access applications from any device at any location with internet access.

  • Access applications without needing to visit a computer lab, download the software, or have a powerful computer.

  • All active BYU students and faculty can access Cloud Apps through Applications will vary depending on what is needed for the job or class.

  • You can use Cloud Apps on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device.

  • When launching an application, users will be prompted to authenticate with Box (
    After authenticating, users will have access to files saved in Box and will not need to re-authenticate on subsequent logins.

  • Using the Citrix Workspace app will allow you to display Cloud Apps in a separate window, like a native application. The Citrix Workspace app also allows you to access local hardware such as local hard drives, printers, thumb drives, and a mouse for the iPad when using Cloud Apps.
    The light version will display Cloud Apps through the browser rather than a separate window and will NOT allow you access to local hard drives, printers, and thumb drives.

  • 1. Download and Install the Citrix Workspace app from the Citrix download page Note: Do not enable single sign-on
    2. In the Add Account field enter the following address:
    3. Enter your and associated password
    4. Run desired application by selecting Apps -->All Apps --> (Your Desired Application)

  • When running an application go back to the cloud apps page and select another application. When you run that application there will be tabs that you can switch applications from. For a mobile device select the drop-down arrow and select switch to switch between different Cloud Apps applications.

  • Note: This solution may have issues and will not work as well as connecting to Box Drive

    1. Connect to
           a. Navigate to
           b. Log In with your NetID and associated password
           c. Select your preferred storage option
           d. Select authorize
           e. Follow authorization instructions given with each service
    2. When saving a file select save as and then select Box or the other cloud storage option and save to your desired location within box.

  • Note: Cloud Apps Storage was discontinued at the end of Winter semester 2021. Students can still access old files on This site and files stored there will no longer be accessible after Fall Semester 2021.

    How to access files that I previously saved in Cloud Apps Storage?

    1. Navigate to
    2. Sign in with your NetID (not

    Opening Files in Cloud Apps Storage

    1. Ensure the file you would like to open has been uploaded to Cloud Apps Storage
    2. In you Cloud Apps application browse to “This PC”
    3. Select the Documents, Desktop, or Downloads folder where you saved the file
    4. Open the file

    Downloading files from Cloud App Storage

      1. Login to  (with your NetID)
      2. Right click on the desired file and select download
  • Yes. To make tasks simpler and more refined use the Citrix Workspace application. It is also possible to connect the Citrix X1 mouse to Cloud Apps.

  • Using a Citrix X1 mouse with the Citrix Workspace app you can use a mouse on an iPad or iPhone device.

    1. Navigate to Bluetooth Settings on your iPad or iPhone
    2. Connect to your Citrix X1 mouse
    3. Run Cloud apps through the Citrix Workspace app
    4. In Cloud Apps, select the settings gear
    5. Under general settings select Citrix X1 Mouse and Enable the Citrix X1 Mouse
    6. Run an application and the mouse will function

  • All applications are based in Windows. This means that even if you are using an iMac or iPad, Cloud Apps will run the windows version of applications and function with the windows keyboard shortcuts.

  • Cloud Apps will save your session for up to six hours until it expires and any unsaved data will be lost.

  • The servers reboot Monday morning from 4-5 AM MST


Live Chat with BYU IT Support or call/text 801‑422‑4000.

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